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Hi everybody. Happy belated holidays and new year.

I’m back now.

I was struck by how many Nw Year’s blog posts a month ago were about being unafraid to make mistakes in 2012. I wholeheartedly endorse that idea.

I’d take it a little further, though.

I’d encourage you improvise in your life.  To open up to the happy accidents, to embark on the adventure. To take a shot, shoot the moon, and do what’s in the dreams inside your head.

I’m not talking about results.

I mean the ride, the journey.

To live your dream not through the results you want to obtain, but instead through what you do— and how you engage not only with the external world but also with your own inner world, your own inner images, and your own inner values.

I hope you are able to do that this year. And I hope to take the ride with some of you.

Stay tuned for more over the upcoming weeks and months.