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After a long move-induced absence, Spontaneous Inventions is back, and I have a backlog of posts to share here in the next few weeks. Posts from my trip cross-country, posts from our move— even posts from before the move— and much, much more. We’re more or less settled into Hudson, NY— one of the quirkiest places per capita I have ever seen— and I am sure that it will provide some material in the future, as well!


In any case, to continue in the meditation and mindfulness link vein from my recent posts, here is a guided meditation that Sharon Salzberg (author of “Real Happiness”) gave to a meditation retreat group, and here is a guided Vipassana meditation session given by American vipassana pioneer Joseph Goldstein.


You might find one or both of these helpful depending on your style.


But please feel free to use these so you can be more intentional and more mindful in your day-to-day life.